Really happy to finally share this project with all of you. ‘JOYRIDES’ is a portfolio piece/theoretical series that focuses on automobiles and the stories of those captivated by them.

For most people the car is simply a tool - a means of getting from point A - B. For others, driving a car becomes an extension of themselves.

To these enthusiasts getting behind the wheel of a car is a statement of their identity and an expression of their freedom. Reaching their destination isn’t the goal, it’s about their journey to the final stop. For a road like that their partner needs to be up to the task.

Every car has its own personality and it’s the nature of the auto-enthusiast to pair that temperament with their own. The goal of ‘JOYRIDES’ is to showcase each cars personality in all of its engine and exhaust glory while telling the story of why it means so much to its driver.

This project’s been a while in the making and to have this video uploaded and out into the world feels like a huge sense of accomplishment. There are a few people who helped make this project a reality and my thanks to them is insurmountable. Nick Julian, Patrick Sue-Chan, Stefan Ciric, and Gianluca Santaguida, thank you for all your assistance during the production process. I’d also like to thank Kelly Singer for the incredible work he did for this videos sound mix.

Finally, a huge thank you to my cousin Gianni for trusting me with his baby, being an incredible help prepping the car for the shoot, and just awesomely open-minded during the whole production process.

Now that this is crossed off the bucket list, next goal is close down a race track and bring out the cameras :)

Hope you all enjoy!